November 4, 2009

With nearly 25% of the vote in a seven person race, Kim Nuesse was elected to the Sandusky city commission. 

election results 2009

Congratulations to Kim and thank you to all her supporters and campaign volunteers!

The election night celebration:

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November 3rd Is Election Day

October 8, 2009

Remember to vote on November 3rd!

The last debate of this year’s campaign season took place earlier this evening at the Sandusky State Theatre.  You can watch the debate in it’s entirety here.

The following video was taken from the Sandusky Chamber of Commerce’s candidate’s night held last week at Sandusky High School:


Budget Crunch Video: The Longer Version

September 28, 2009

…which helps describe why Kim Nuesse has the right perspective on budgeting:  Kim has a liberal arts degree with a concentration in organizational leadership.  She also teaches a week long college course on budgeting.


Q&A With Readers

September 26, 2009

Please submit your questions for Kim in the comment section and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

question from chris gardener

nuesse answers chrisgardner



September 19, 2009

spaghetti dinner for nuesse


Nuesse on the budget crunch

September 17, 2009

The city of Sandusky is facing a huge budget problem, as many of you know. The Sandusky fire department recently took to the air waves to fight city hall’s threats to close one of it’s fire stations. Kim believes that the budget problems can be handled without losing valuable public services:



September 14, 2009

If you’d like to volunteer to help the campaign please email Kim at nuessek220@yahoo.com

Fundraisers are planned for end of September. Details are coming soon!